Joyce Neth, Vice President, Director of Audience Development & Research, served as a featured presenter during an educational webinar titled, “How Behavioral Marketing Drives WATT Global Media Forward,” broadcast on April 27, 2016.

Neth joined Brett Keirstead, Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations for Knowledge Marketing, as they discussed the specific technologies, processes and strategies WATT Global Media uses to leverage behavioral information to better understand audience engagement and drive new product development.

Webinar attendees learned how WATT Global Media:

  • Constructed its behavioral marketing strategy
  • Structures its CMS to better understand audience engagement
  • Uses behavioral data to drive product development
  • Changed the way it markets and sells to leading clients
  • Staffs its team to analyze and leverage vast amount of insights

The industry webinar was sponsored by the Association for Audience Marketing Professionals (AAMP) and can be viewed on-demand by registering here: