Feed Strategy Events cover the ingredients and additives used within the formulation of animal feeds and are attended by senior executives from all over the world. Feed Strategy Events are geared toward the interests of nutritionists, veterinarians, feed formulators, CEOs, feed mills directors, integrators, co-operatives and hatcheries.

Presented by Feed Strategy magazine, Feed Strategy Event series assists in providing animal feed stakeholders the tools they need to maintain productivity and profitability in a changing production landscape.

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Feed Strategy Conference
Date and details to be announced Fall 2022
Co-located with IPPE 2023 | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

>> This paid half-day conference delves into the economic and nutrition issues influencing 2023 poultry and feed production. From the examination of global protein trends to strategies for successful antibiotic-free production, poultry and feed industry stakeholders will attend this forum to glean leading-edge insights on the critical issues impacting their poultry operation’s productivity and profitability.

Feed Strategy Seminar
Feed Additive solutions for reducing emissions in livestock & poultry production
Co-located with EuroTier 2022 | Hannover, Germany

>> The 2022 Feed Strategy Seminar series, held at EuroTier 2022, will provide insights into feed additive solutions for emission reductions in animal production. The presentations will focus on practical, non-commercial, science-based approaches to improving livestock and poultry’s environmental impact through feeding. Three species-specific tracks will span three days. Each seminar session will feature two speakers presenting the latest research and thought-leadership in the use of animal feed additives to reduce emissions.

Admissions is free.

  • Poultry | Nov. 15, 2022 – Hall 17
  • Swine | Nov. 16, 2022 – Hall 17
  • Dairy  | Nov. 17, 2022 – Hall 12

Full program will be available in early October.