Choose WATT Global Media for your career.

Join the WATT Global Media staff of innovative decision-makers who are curious about client-focused solutions and developing premium content for targeted audiences in the Animal Agriculture and Pet Food Industries. Our unique and original content is served through digital products, magazines and live events.

WATT employees are valued members of a highly inclusive, autonomous and collaborative team, working in a results-focused environment where accountability is embraced. The goals of every employee are attained through their self-directed effort in a developmental environment, focused on achieving organizational objectives.

What makes us different? WATT is an ethical company with a strong historical record of success, is growth-oriented, and provides an opportunity to work with industry thought-leaders on a staff with over 150 years of collective experience. Staff work in a ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment) and have the trust and freedom to work from their home with no set work schedule.

WATT employees and business partners (in Spain, Greece and China)
live and work around the world.

“In their words” Statements from WATT staff on work satisfaction:
I work in a proactive culture where I am trusted to achieve results.
Working in a cross-functional team I can contribute to the organization’s goals as I have a deeper understanding of the goals and a part of implementing the plan.
My opinions count and I feel that I have influence in decision-making. I feel that my job is important.

WATT Global Media company values

WATT Global Media is a fourth-generation family-owned company that values autonomy, accountability, expertise, trustworthiness, accuracy, dependability, diversity, inclusiveness, integrity, ethics, innovation, teamwork and career development, within its Results-Only Work Environment.