Poultry Tech Summit
Poultry Tech Summit

Coming Fall 2025 | Atlanta, Georgia

Poultry Tech Summit


Advances in digital technologies and innovation could dramatically transform the poultry industry over the coming years, improving bird health and welfare and improving productivity and profit. “I’ve now substituted innovation for digital because I think we’ve moved past digital,” said Poultry Tech Summit 2023 keynote speaker, Gordon Butland, director, G&S Agriconsultant.

Poultry Tech Summit focuses on the transition of innovative technologies into commercial applications to advance the poultry industry.

Poultry Tech Summit 2023 was held on November 6-8 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The event presents groundbreaking innovation and insightful presentations with deep dialogue on new prospective solutions and next-generation technologies.

Poultry Tech Summit is the only one of its kind being offered to connect researchers and entrepreneurs with poultry sector technology experts, financiers, venture capitalists and producers looking for new projects and investments to fund.

Highlights from Poultry Tech Summit 2023

The Summit was well-attended by a global audience with professionals from 18 countries representing a vast array of companies including Agrimesh Technologies, Alltech, Amick Farms, AudioT, Butterball, Cargill, Claxton Poultry, Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, Perdue Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride, Smarte Automation, Texas Tech University, Versova and many others.

“Poultry Tech Summit is an important opportunity for industry leaders to strategize on overcoming the challenges in poultry production to improve poultry health and productivity in the coming years,” said Terrence O’Keefe, content director, WATT Global Media. “By attending, participants were able to learn about new technologies and to provide feedback that can help speed the development and implementation of these innovations to economically solve some of the poultry industry’s biggest challenges.”

The diverse agenda featured more than 20 innovation and technology presentations in the categories of data and artificial intelligence, life sciences, robotics and automation, and food safety.

Topics included chick vent sexing using AI to reduce labor, how precision farming can streamline poultry operations, virtual reality to revamp poultry processing’s workforce, how CRISPR helps producers find Salmonella serovars on the farm, using IoT data to drive economic value and performance on broiler sites, and much more.

The agenda also featured four in-depth panel discussions on technology and the future of HPAI control, plus the challenges and technical solutions for egg production, poultry processing and meat bird production. Additionally, attendees had abundant opportunities to network and exchange ideas throughout the Summit.

The global destination for new poultry innovations

Since its 2018 inception, the Poultry Tech Summit has facilitated and fast-tracked many pioneering ideas into adoption for the benefit of the poultry supply chain. Innovator success stories:

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Showcasing the next frontier for industry, technology and venture capital, this unique event presents new research of technologies with potential to be commercialized within a 5-year period. Ranging from artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, sensors, virtual reality, vaccines and more to improve outcomes for poultry companies in all aspects of production from farm through the processing plant.

Who should attend:

  • Poultry company C-level executives
  • Corporate leaders in QA/QC, R&D, IT and Engineering
  • Live production and processing technology personnel
  • Veterinarians, nutritionists
  • Suppliers interested in funding or acquiring new tech
  • Financiers, bankers and venture capitalists

Attendees are among the first to see groundbreaking innovation and next-generation technologies that offer prospective solutions to poultry supply chain challenges.









Poultry Tech Summit 2023 sponsorship opportunities

Poultry Tech Summit is a global gathering where poultry professionals will learn about groundbreaking technologies and innovations while having the opportunity to meet with suppliers, customers and peers to advance business and exchange ideas.

Sponsorship opportunities at the Poultry Tech Summit take you beyond advertising and go further towards enhancing your company’s brand. Be among the first to sign up for sponsorship to maximize your exposure across multiple opportunities before, during and even after the event.

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Top 3 reasons to be a part of the Poultry Tech Summit:

  1. Reach entrepreneurs, investors and innovators together at one time only
  2. Build new relationships and share ideas with poultry executive and those with industry interests
  3. Gain insights into new technologies on the horizon creating change and greater efficiencies in poultry production

2023 Poultry Tech Summit

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