Rockford, IL USA – November 8, 2019 – Greg Watt, President/CEO of WATT Global Media, highlighted the impact and benefits of the company’s unique work culture in a CNN business article on companies utilizing a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE).

ROWE is a management philosophy where each employee is responsible for accomplishing goals. Employees are not required to report to a centralized office because work is defined as “what you do, not where you go.” Therefore, as long as work is completed and measurable results are met, employees can decide how and where they work.

WATT Global Media, based out of Rockford, Illinois, is a multi-media company focused on the agrifood and pet food industries. After transitioning to a ROWE in 2012, the business was able to advance its systems and reduce overhead.

“Butts in seats don’t create good work. It gives you the perception, but it doesn’t necessarily drive excellent performance,” says Watt as quoted in the CNN article. “Goals are now created bottom-up and not top-down. For too many years, it was the same establishment of goals, but now it’s a two-way dialogue.”

At WATT Global Media, employees are self-directed and performance is measured by set metrics. Managers function as “result coaches” when supporting and reviewing progress.

Since the start of ROWE, WATT Global Media has achieved increases in its ability to recruit and retain highly-qualified and experienced staff worldwide. This has led to the addition of newly-created positions now filled by media experts and thought-leaders located across the U.S.

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