The Poultry Trends Seminar covers production, consumption, trade and other matters crucial in the global poultry meat and egg markets. It is attended by producers and processors from throughout the world.


Poultry Trends annual magazine holds Poultry Trends Seminars to share the latest market forecasts, so stakeholders can stay up to date on major aspects of the poultry and egg industries worldwide.

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VIV MEA, Abu Dhabi, March 2020

PAST Poultry Trends Seminars

Poultry Trends Seminar, Poultry Africa 2019
October 1, 2019 | Rwanda

Poultry Trends – Practical Insights into Poultry Nutrition

>> This free seminar includes two special presentations.

Using amino acids to reduce cost and improve diets: With the correct and targeted use of amino acids, crude protein requirements can be reduced – maximizing growth performance and profitability, while lowering environmental impact.

Speaker: Douglas Malala, Evonik East Africa Limited, Business Manager Animal Nutrition

A new approach to better gut health: Nutrition and health are closely linked in ensuring the well-being and performance of poultry. Efficient poultry production is a balancing act of nutrition, gut health, and animal welfare, especially when reducing or eliminating antibiotic utilization.

Speaker: John Owaga, Evonik East Africa Limited, Technical Services Manager Animal Nutrition

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