The Poultry Trends Seminar covers production, consumption, trade and other matters crucial in the global poultry meat and egg markets. It is attended by producers and processors from throughout the world.


How can your company help stakeholders stay up to date on major aspects of the poultry and egg industries? It is a broad market internationally and industry professionals are seeking the latest market forecasts.

Poultry Trends annual magazine holds Poultry Trends Seminars to share the latest market forecasts, so stakeholders can stay up to date on major aspects of the poultry and egg industries worldwide.

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Upcoming Poultry Trends Seminars

Poultry Marketing Roundtable, VIV MEA 2021
November 2021 | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sponsors: Al Effat Trading, Victoria Incubators, Aviagen


Date: Specific date during 2021 event to be announced later
Venue: ADNEC, Capital Suite 21, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Organizers: MEAP, WATT Global Media, VIV

Speakers: Ms. Jennifer Edmondson, Independent Communications Specialist; Ms. Kate Hartley, Co-founder Polpeo; Dr. Mona Mehrez Aly, Former Vice-Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Poultry Resources for Egypt; Mr. Tony Sleiman Freiji, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Wadi Group (Egypt); Mr. Amre Aly El Saied, CEO, Tiba Poultry Grandparents

The topics for the session will include:

  • Principles of Crisis Management
  • Achieving Successful PR and Marketing
  • Poultry Marketing Points of View

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Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Poultry Marketing Round Table. Many benefits are included in sponsorships as part of this first event in a long and promising series. Contact WATT Global Media for more information.