Video tour of rare poultry breed paintings exhibition
Opportunity to view historic paintings in great detail

 In August 2017, the largest single collection of rare poultry breed portraits worldwide (painted 1926 – 1950) were on display in the historic “Old Sandstone” art gallery, in Mt. Morris, IL, formerly the location of WATT office headquarters.

The complete collection, which has never before been publicly displayed in its entirety, is comprised of 58 framed oil paintings of the most important poultry breeds. The paintings were created by three American artists, A.O. Schilling, L. Stahmer and F.L. Sewell, and was commissioned in the mid-1920s by J.W. Watt and Adon Yoder, founders of Watt Publishing Company (now WATT Global Media). The exhibition provided a unique opportunity to create this video which captures in full detail the richness and beauty of the birds in the paintings, as well as descriptions of each breed, the designated artist and the year it was painted. The paintings were originally reproduced in the pages of Poultry Tribune magazine.

Click on blue targets to move through the different rooms of the exhibition gallery. Hover over a painting to click for the high resolution image and description information.