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To meet increasing consumption needs as the world population moves to 9 billion by 2050, reaching genetic potential with improved animal management is now the focus with animal health and nutrition as the driving forces. With optimizing the model of raising as the industry focus, we are pleased to inform you of a very positive change for Pig International magazine.

Pig International now focuses exclusively on pig nutrition and health content to better reflect the primary focus of the industry and to serve our growing and highly engaged readership of swine nutrition and veterinary professionals who service the largest to the smallest producers worldwide.

While many publications reach the broader pig market, the superior nutrition and health coverage directed through Pig International Editor, Dr. Ioannis Mavromichalis, delivers the most engaged and important audience for marketers. This is unique to how Pig International covers the industry for our global audience in 160 countries.

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Pig International is published in both print and digital editions.

Publication Highlights

July/August: Global Production Report

Exclusive annual market review of world pork output.

October: Buyer’s Guide

Essential annual Buyer’s Guide buyer’s guide of products and services for the global pig industry.

November/December: Global Top Pig Producers

Exclusive list of pig producers that make the top-10 in numbers, by region.

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What Readers Are Saying:

Pig International is a very useful publication for me, keeps me updated about what’s happening in pork industry worldwide and I get a lot of new information about health and nutrition.

Thank you for allowing me to benefit from Pig International. It helps a lot in our feeding management system, and gives news about pigs internationally.

It is very useful as it gives a global perspective and an innovative insight into the world of pig production.

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