How do you drive awareness of your company’s products and services to the right prospects and build customer confidence? With WATT PoultryUSA, we can tailor and integrate marketing programs to the best subset of our qualified global audience or build your campaign for maximum exposure.

WATT PoultryUSA is the business magazine for the U.S. and Canadian integrated poultry meat industry. A digital edition option is available.

Poultry professionals depend on unique expertise, industry-defining business information and exclusive top company data that shapes today’s integrated poultry meat business in the U.S. and Canada.

Publication Highlights

March: Top Poultry Companies

Profiles of the leading U.S. broiler and turkey firms, ranked by ready-to-cook (RTC) volume (broilers) and slaughter volume (turkeys).

July: Who’s Who in the Egg and Poultry Industries in the US and Canada ®

Essential annual Buyer’s Guide with detailed information on hundreds of suppliers of poultry equipment, services and supplies in the U.S. and Canada.

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“WATT PoultryUSA provides the technical and economic data necessary for us to keep up with the poultry industry.”

“WATT PoultryUSA is very important to me in order to be a better grower and learn about equipment and articles on growing broiler chickens.”

“I heavily rely on WATT PoultryUSA’s information and trust that it’s true. It’s much more informative than other meat and poultry magazines.”

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