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How blockchain can improve “farm to fork” transparency

With blockchain, each step in the supply chain is recorded, creating a digital history of a product as it moves from the farm to the grocer that cannot be later changed or falsified. The collation of this data will create new innovative services and bring added consumer transparency to the food chain, including quicker reactions to food contamination incidents. Learn more about how blockchain can help your link in the food chain.


As the chief executive officer of Applifarm since its creation in October 2017, Xavier Wagner is in charge of defining both the strategy and business model of the company. In addition, he ensures the development of national and international business partnerships, as well as the continued technological development of the Applifarm platform. Xavier Wagner comes to Applifarm with 9 years of experience at Lyonnaise des Eaux-Suez Environnement, first as the director of development and then as the strategic marketing director. He also has professional experience in the world of startups, having been the CEO of Smart Risks for two years, and then as the founder of Ecosystemic (which was later sold to Suez).

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