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Using robotics to optimize broiler production

Every year 62.6 billion chickens are raised for meat consumption, and in that process, $6 billion is lost through inefficient and sub-optimal management of the farm environment. The industry faces three core challenges: reliability and availably of human labor; production cost; and animal welfare and biosecurity. Learn more about data-driven improvements in poultry production using artificial intelligence and robotics, resulting in more profitable, effective and safer working environments.


Shane Kiernan has worked for Deutsche Bank, BlackRock, the IFC, the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Health Access Initiative. He has 10 years previous entrepreneurial experience, including launching an agriculture business called Tomato Jos in Nigeria and his current Philippines business, Sustansiya, that is focused on creating organic fertilizer from poultry manure. In 2018 he founded Iamus to bring robotic and AI solutions to the poultry industry.

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