Michael B. Lanahan, Ph.D.


Chief commercial officer



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Innovation presentation
Delivery of functional proteins for poultry health, nutrition via modified corn

This presentation will share information about the delivery of functional proteins for poultry health and nutrition via modified corn. The potential utility, cost and sustainability advantages of this innovative production system will be reviewed.


Michael B. Lanahan, Ph.D., brings over 25 years of experience in agricultural biotechnology R&D and business development to Agrivida. Currently he works with production and sales teams of Agrivida to bring exceptional new products to the poultry and swine industries. His areas of expertise include business development, new business strategy and product development. Prior to joining Agrivida, Lanahan led a research program at Syngenta focusing on enzyme development and enzyme expression in plants. His achievements include developing corn-expressing amylase and phytase enzymes for use in ethanol production and animal feed. Lanahan earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Massachusetts and a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Washington University.

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