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Automated self-learning vision technology for debris, contamination detection

ROTA Technologies provides a learning-based image analysis multi-camera egg surveillance system monitoring the main incoming house belt. A digital camera combined with artificial intelligence software capture multiple images per second from the conveyor belt and send to a processor where they are analyzed by advanced vision technology software. Once foreign debris are captured on a digital image, the system will send an audio and visual signal to alert an operator to remove the debris and push the all-clear button. If the operator does not remove the debris and push the all-clear button within (to be determined) seconds, the system will send a signal to shut off the conveyor belt.


John Knaffla is the chief executive office of ROTA Technologies, which provides patented vision quality control products to the poultry industry. He has more than 25 years of success as a senior business development strategist. Knaffla has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Oakland University.

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