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CALIMERO: An in vitro chicken alimentary tract model

CALIMERO, an in vitro Chicken alimentary tract model, was created to model the gastrointestinal tract of chickens. Based on literature data with respect to transit time, enzyme concentrations, bile and pH throughout the gastrointestinal tract, the model was developed and tested with respect to carbohydrate, protein and fat (with/without emulsifiers) digestion. Learn more about this model, where every fraction can be sampled and a mass-balance can be made, allowing mechanistic studies.


Jehan Verstappen is a former owner of a dairy farm. He has a bachelor’s degree in livestock farming, a master’s degree in biology and nine years experience as a consultant in livestock farming with expertise on breeding, health, management and nutrition. He is a lecturer of applied biology at HAS Agricultural University of Applied Sciences and is involved in several innovation projects. Currently, Verstappen is an independent consultant working in several projects in production, welfare and nutrition in the poultry business.

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