Itamar Berchman


Vice president of sales and marketing


Agrowiz Technologies

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Innovation presentation
Hatchery management system utilizing robotics, analytics for optimal results

The hatchery is a key stage in the poultry integration supply-chain, but despite this fact, most integrations worldwide have no real-time software management systems at the hatchery level to plan and execute their hatching process end to end. See how an artificial intelligence solution offers continuous and automated data collection software that enables full traceability and deep analysis throughout the hatching process.


With experience at enterprise software solutions as well as recent involvement at the poultry market, Itamar Berchman brings insights from both worlds to help integrations optimizing their operation. He is currently the vice president of sales and marketing at Agrowiz Technologies, a start-up based in Israel that brings wide knowledge on how poultry integrations are working and the challenges they face and how advance technology. Prior joining to Agrowiz, Berchman was the global sales director at Plasson Livestock Division, a leading equipment and turn-key projects supplier for poultry vertical integrations. Before that, he served as vice president of sales at Mardin, a MEMS chip base start-up providing solutions for embedded pico-projectors, HUD and automotive. Prior to that, Berchman was vice president of business development at eGlue Technologies, an enterprise software solution for performance improvement at call centers. Berchman holds master’s degree in business administration from the Technion-Israel Technology Institute.

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