Isaac Duerr, Ph.D.


Senior data scientist


Smart Data Science Solutions

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Technology presentation
Accurately predicting production outcomes weeks prior to processing

Poultry production requires decision-making under uncertainty throughout the supply chain. Determinations about when and where to place birds, when and where to process them, and which meat to further process must be made with the best available information at the time the decision is made — often weeks or longer prior to the actual event. In this presentation, learn more about a tool that offers accurate prediction of key production outcomes, made with enough lead time to alter production processes, and provides important information to decision-makers who oversee routine production decisions.


Isaac Duerr is a senior data scientist at Smart Data Science Solutions where his work focuses on machine learning and statistical techniques for predictive modeling. He spent most of his early years in Florida and obtained a master’s degree in statistics from the University of Florida and a Ph.D in agricultural and biological engineering, where his research focused on machine learning and spatio-temporal techniques for biological processes.

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