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Lubing Systems

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Controlling water distribution to drinking lines in a poultry house

Learn more about the Lubing GravityPlus System, a revolutionary, out-of-the-box thinking, new way to control water distribution to the drinking lines in a poultry house. Water pressure is easily and precisely controlled from a single point without the use of pressure regulators.


Chris Hawk is the vice president of Lubing Systems. Since Lubing Systems is a family business, he has grown up in the company working various factory positions. He went to college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating, he stepped out of Lubing to work in the automotive industry and have a work experience outside of the family business. Hawk returned to Lubing Systems in January of 2016 as technical director. Currently, he has moved into the role of vice president where he is learning the inner workings of the company so that he may one day take the reins from his father, John Hawk, and guide the company into the future.

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