Poultry Tech Summit 2018 Content

Innovations in the categories of data and artificial intelligence, life sciences, robotics and automation, and food safety were showcased. The list of innovations unveiled at Poultry Tech Summit included:

Life science innovations: Advancing bird health and welfare

  • Mazen Animal Health Inc. will discuss the technology used to insert genes for specific antigens into corn plants thus creating orally administered vaccines for poultry diseases.
  • TyraTech Inc. will share developments in phytogenic products which can be used to control poultry gut parasites.
  • Transport Genie Ltd. has developed a real-time monitoring system for use in poultry transport coops which can be used by processors and researchers to improve bird welfare during the loadout, in transport and it plant holding sheds.
  • eggXYT will present its technology for inserting a bio-marker in the DNA of male chicks to create a detectable optical signature in the embryo.

Big data & AI innovations: Improving performance at the farm and the plant

  • Simple Ag Solutions Inc. will discuss how blockchain technology can be applied to veterinary records to maintain transparency and traceability while also providing analytics to evaluate efficacy of treatments.
  • Little Bird Systems will present a solar powered system for estimating the amount of feed in a bin using a small device to apply the vibration along with sensors and software.
  • Smart Data Science Solutions LLC applies machine learning to statistical process control so that the system outputs a set of metrics that assess whether any changes to the process that are detected are more likely due to the inherent variation in the process or whether the underlying signal has changed.
  • Olga Kemenova from the Georgia Tech Research Institute will discuss the Poultry System Simulation Model which simulates the water, energy, wastewater and labor utilization of a poultry processing plant.
  • Abuerdan company will present its big data analytical solution using predictive analytics and deep learning analysis to manage the live production of poultry and providing traceability throughout the supply chain.

Food safety innovations:

  • Clear Labs Inc. will discuss technology for reducing the time needed to detect and serotype Salmonella in samples from 3-5 days to 24 hours.
  • Technicon LLC has developed a gear box for processing line applications which has an outer surface that is rust-proof, has antimicrobial properties and has a smooth surface for easy cleaning.
  • General Probiotics Inc. will present a new class of probiotic cultures which will reduce the load of pathogens carried by poultry and has the potential to improve both bird health and food safety.

Robotics & automation innovations: Improving performance while reducing labor needs

  • Seung-Chul Yoon with USDA ARS will present a machine vision system for detecting woody breast in boneless skinless breast filets without contacting or damaging the filets.
  • Colin Usher with the Georgia Tech Research Institute will share details of a poultry house robot that operates on the floor of the house and navigates using imaging sensors and can detect and pick up floor eggs.
  • Farm Robotics and Automation SL will discuss its poultry house robot that is suspended from the ceiling of the house and has sensors for monitoring both bird and house conditions.
  • Sim Harbart with The Georgia Tech Research Institute will present a virtual reality system that simulates cutting trajectories for automated poultry processing systems.

Keynote: Venture capital – Shaping the future of the food industry
Reese Schroeder, Managing Director, Tyson Ventures
Tyson Ventures, Tyson Foods’ venture capital fund, is investing in companies developing breakthrough technologies. Schroeder discussed the role of venture capital in shaping how food will be produced in the future.

Panel discussion: Technologies that will reshape the poultry industry
Venture capital funding has accelerated the rate of innovation in all industries, including agriculture. Learn what technologies that professionals from venture capital funds specializing in data and computing, the food industry, biotechnology, and food safety think hold the greatest promise.
Panelists included:
Brett Brohl, Managing Director, Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator
Dean Didato, Partner, Innova Ag Innovation Fund
Blake Patton, Managing Partner, Tech Square Ventures
Dr. Cynthia Sides, Director of Industry Engagement, University of Arkansas