Rockford, IL – November 1, 2019 – WATT Global Media recently released the edition of its Poultry International magazine featuring The World’s Top Companies. These companies lead the global rankings of producers and processors in the poultry and egg industries.

In the Top Companies issue, business leaders can access exclusive and detailed information for the profiled poultry and egg companies. Over 296 companies achieved Top Company status in 2018 with the industry dominated by producers in developed countries.

Around 40% of the poultry companies are in the U.S. or European Union (EU). With markets expected to grow and industry consolidations, more companies in developing countries are expected to enter the top 50. In total, poultry producers slaughtered a little less than 9.3 billion chickens, an increase of close to 20% since 2012.

For the leading egg producers ranked by laying flock size, 11 of the largest 25 are in the U.S. with only one EU egg company on the list. Five leading egg companies are in Mexico, but no Chinese or Indian companies produced enough eggs to make it into the top 25.

“A few companies continue to dominate our listings, but not everything stays the same,” says Mark Clements, Editor, Poultry International magazine. “For poultry producers, they are experiencing a boost in demand as a result of difficulties in the Chinese swine industry and that country’s consumers eating more chicken meat. The outlook for eggs is positive as well due to some of the same factors.”

WATT Global Media collects data on more than 1,000 companies worldwide, making it available through online databases. Listings are offered globally and by geographic region with a comprehensive index, so users can find information easily on each company.

Each listing includes a link to detailed online profiles. The profiles include each company’s headquarters, production of poultry and other products, types of poultry produced and other key company information.

Databases also have search, sort and compare options. Free website registration is required to access data.

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