Lindsay Beaton, Managing Editor of Petfood Industry magazine, presented two educational sessions at the American Meat Science Association’s Reciprocal Meat Conference in College Station, Texas, on June 19, 2017.

Beaton provided her industry expertise to conference attendees during the following presentations:

“Understanding the pet food regulatory environment”

We’ll untangle the specific roles of various agencies with regards to pet food, including AAFCO, FDA, and USDA. And while we’re talking alphabet soup, we’ll take an updated look at FSMA’s current role in the pet food industry.

“Consumer vs. customer (in pet food, our consumer isn’t our customer!)”

Pet humanization has led to an interesting “wants” versus “needs” conundrum in the pet food industry: that is, the wants of the human customer versus the needs of the animal consumer. We’ll discuss how the industry must balance the resulting challenges in order to succeed with both sides of the pet food coin.