Rockford, IL – August 25, 2016 – Representatives from Petfood Industry magazine have announced that a new event is being added to the Petfood Forum portfolio of conferences. The Petfood Technology Workshop Mexico will take place December 5 – 6, 2016, at the University of Baja California in Mexico.

The Latin American pet food industry is the third largest pet food market in the world and has the highest growth rate, which served as the basis for exploration into basing the event in Mexico.

The unique program will provide participants a hands-on and up-close opportunity to experience the key technology steps involved in the production of premium dog and cat kibble diets. Participants will experience raw ingredient preparation, mechanical and dense phase conveyance, preconditioning, extrusion, drying, coating and packaging. The leading suppliers in the pet food manufacturing industry will open their equipment to teach essential technology involved in modern pet food production. Critical aspects of each process will be isolated into individual participant kits for a tactile reinforcement of the principals involved in pet food production.

“The industry must continually keep up with consumer demands, which currently are trending toward pet food with a high protein and fresh meat inclusion in the ingredients, and this is starting to reach the premium category in the Latin American market. This means there is a need for continued education for industry professionals to understand what they need to do to update their equipment and operating techniques,” said Debbie Phillips Donaldson, Editor-in-Chief of Petfood Industry.  “We strive to meet those needs by providing an innovative and immersive learning experience with our Workshops, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to take home exclusive knowledge that allows them to do their jobs better.”

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