Rockford, IL – May 8, 2017 – Representatives from Petfood Industry have announced that a new interactive research and development experience will be added to the Petfood Forum portfolio of events.

Petfood R&D Showcase, “Going with the Grain”, will be hosted by Petfood Industry along with Kansas State University’s Pet Food Program, on October 10-12, 2017 at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

The multi-day event is a joint industry-academic venture that will focus on the latest market trend shifts in uses of whole and specialty grains in pet food, and the emerging science behind their value to processing, nutrition, and health of companion animals. With pet food trends closely following ones in human food, experts anticipate a movement toward ancient grains and seeds, very popular in human food now – possibly slowing the grain-free pet food craze as research on the benefits of grains is released.

This event begins with an opening networking reception, and is followed by two full days of activities, with the first day consisting of academic research presentations, and the second featuring interactive labs and demonstrations. Specific details on the scientific presentations are expected to be released in June.

Petfood R&D Showcase’s interactive labs will explore pet food production with an emphasis on incorporation of grains and novel starches. These activities will be held in Kansas State University’s Grain Science complex. Activities and demonstrations will include: milling grains into flour and bran, operating and evaluating grinding, conveying, and mixing dry raw materials, extrusion of various whole grain products into kibbles, coating and flavor addition and evaluation, explore new technology regarding baking and more.

For further details on the labs and scientific presentations, be sure to monitor for updates. Early Bird registration for Petfood R&D Showcase is now open, providing attendees with the opportunity to save $240 before September 10, 2017.

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