Thank you for attending FIAAP Animal Nutrition Conference. The following are drafts of speaker presentations. Please check back about three weeks after the conference for the final versions.

2018 Poultry Nutrition & Feed Survey Preview Jackie Roembke, editor, Feed Strategy magazine

Poultry Gut Health in 2018: A Holistic View – Dr. Maarten De Gussem, consultant and founder, VETWORKS

How Phytogenics Support Resilience Against Intestinal Infections –  Dr. Jan Dirk van der Klis, director of products and innovation, Delacon Biotechnik GmbH

Utilizing Feed Additives to Maximize Broiler Gut Health – Daniel Ramirez, business development director, Nutriad International

The Use of Pea Protein as a Functional Ingredient in Southeast Asian Piglet Feed – Dr. Bob Thaler, professor, South Dakota State University

Opportunities for DDGS in Southeast Asian Livestock Diets – Dr. Kevin Herrick, Director of Technical Services, POET Nutrition

Evaluating Fiber Sources for Piglet Gut Health Management Dr. Christine Potthast, director of R&D, Agromed Austria GmbH

Eubiotic Nutrition in Antibiotic-free Animal Production – André Meeusen, consultant and nutritionist, Framelco BV

Reducing Antibiotics in Livestock Feed Through Feed Processing – Spencer Lawson, Manager UP/C Technology, Wenger Manufacturing

Bacteriophage: Antibiotic-free Solution Against Salmonella in Poultry – Jarosław Dastych, CEO, Proteon Pharmaceuticals

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