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Pet Food

WATT Poultry Update

The latest news, top company data and industry insights to keep professionals abreast of the most important information in the global market.

Poultry Future

Exploring the feasibility of new technologies through the lens of consumer trends and providing an advanced look at how poultry will be raised, processed, marketed and distributed in the future supply chain.

Boletín Industria Avícola

The latest news, research and market information on the Latin American poultry and feed industries.

Special Editions

African Swine Fever Update

Breaking news on the African swine fever outbreak predicted to have massive short- and long-term impacts on world animal protein markets – most intensely in the next three to five years.

Special Edition Newsletters – Events

Sent in the weeks leading up to and following the close of a specific industry event, featuring exclusive show news and exhibitor profiles.

Petfood Industry News

A unique glimpse into the latest news and happenings in the quickly growing pet food market, including information on pet food manufacturing news, views and product information.

Chinese Petfood Industry

A curated collection of industry news and happenings in the international pet food market.


Feed Strategy eNews

Important information feed professionals need to navigate today’s consumer-driven protein production, including breaking news and exclusive feed market data and analysis.

Trending Topics – Agrifood or Pet Food

Trending Topics Weekly

Highlights the five most popular stories on either WATTAgNet.com or PetfoodIndustry.com from that week in a condensed, mobile-optimized format.