Custom publications help you reach buyers with relevant and engaging stories completely customized to fit your unique needs. Our team is experienced in creating and distributing quality content. We can help plan and execute a strategy to educate, inspire and build customer loyalty. We work with you from concept to layout to final approval, ensuring you are completely satisfied with the result. Your company can save valuable time, resources and money.

Case Studies

Subscriber Development

NEEDS: An international poultry health company needed to increase the number of subscribers to its educational magazine and understand more about reader demographics.

SOLUTION: Develop a multi-channel subscriber development campaign including: e-blasts to a targeted list of potential subscribers, prestitial website ads on, text ads in WATT Poultry Update e-newsletter and print advertorials in WATT PoultryUSA magazine.

RESULTS: The multi-channel campaign resulted in tens-of-thousands of brand impressions and more than 1,000 new poultry health professionals subscribing to the magazine. In addition, WATT Global Media’s Audience Intelligence Marketing (AIM) master database was able to identify other information channels the subscribers were using thereby providing further value to the customer.

Ad Concept Testing

NEEDS: Before making final decisions on creative for a new ad campaign for poultry and swine products, a feed additive manufacturer wanted to test different ads in Asia, Middle East/North Africa and Latin America.

SOLUTION: Create a questionnaire based on the Signet AdBrand® questions, enabling the responses to be benchmarked against other ads in that category.

RESULTS: Comments collected raised concerns about the use of certain images across diverse cultures. Questions and creative were translated into Spanish for the Latin American audience and into Mandarin for China. Survey findings guided the marketing team as they determined final ad placements in regional publications without concern for misunderstandings due to culture or language.

Custom Digital Magazine

NEEDS: One of the world’s leading suppliers of vitamins, carotenoids, eubiotics, and feed enzymes needed to increase brand exposure, educate and inform its prospects about best practices to improve their operations, and develop a global database of leads for its sales team and distributors.

SOLUTION: Produce a digital magazine distributed to a targeted list of potential subscribers from WATT Global Media’s AIM master database. This was supported by a multi-channel subscriber development campaign including: targeted e-blasts, prestitial website ads on, text ads in e-newsletters and display ads in print magazines.

RESULTS: The multi-channel campaign resulted in tens-of-thousands of brand impressions, more than 1,000 subscribers to the digital magazine and a measurable increase in brand exposure. Furthermore, the sales team was provided with the subscriber list for direct follow-up with qualified prospects.

Product Development

NEEDS: To aid new product development, an equipment and machinery company wanted to learn more about manufacturers’ production needs for a particular product.

SOLUTION: Develop a survey leveraging the well-known manufacturer’s brand to provide its new product development department with relevant information from current or potential buyers.

RESULTS: The response rate exceeded the client’s expectations and demonstrated respondents were willing to provide information directly to an industry manufacturer. The results of the study were submitted to product development to help guide the team as they design new equipment and machinery.

Brand Awareness

NEEDS: A feed ingredient supplier needed to measure perceptions and awareness for their brand and specific products, as well as its competitors’, among poultry and swine growers and nutritionists in Asia and Latin America.

SOLUTION: Develop a brief online questionnaire to maximize responses in a short time period. WATT’s Industria Avícola editor translated the questionnaire into Spanish for distribution to Latin America. The client specified job functions for target respondents in the poultry and swine industries in Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

RESULTS: Insight from the respondents led the client to differentiate marketing messages and tactics in these areas to clear up misperceptions about their brand and confusion with competitors.

Print-to-Digital Conversion/
Subscriber Development

NEEDS: A global poultry research company needed to decrease the cost of distributing its company magazine while increasing the number of readers and understanding how readers were interacting with magazine content.

SOLUTION: Convert the print magazine to a digital publication, email the issue to current subscribers and target potential new subscribers from WATT Global Media’s AIM master database.

RESULTS: Completely eliminated the printing and postage costs of the magazine while increasing total audience reach beyond the company’s subscriber list. In addition, the customer is able to track what articles are most popular with readers.

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