How do you generate interest in your company’s solutions and stay top of mind until prospects are ready to buy? Broadcast your brand message across the internet to hard-to-reach niche audiences by leveraging the right publisher’s audience.

With an Audience Extension campaign, you reach visitors who have visited WATT Global Media’s websites and/or fit a job function in a particular industry while working in a targeted geographic location. An Audience Extension program can:

  • Quickly connect your brand with our website visitors by showing relevant ads as they browse the internet, visit social media sites, use mobile apps or search on Google
  • Reach a targeted audience of agrifood professionals at maximum scale without risk of wasting marketing expenditures
  • Create campaign timelines that cater to your objectives whether it be a quick push before an event or a push of traffic to your website

Audience Extension is an online marketing technique that connects a company’s brand with website visitors via sponsored content, pre-roll videos and/or banner ads, providing substantial brand exposure and increased website traffic.

Our Audience Extension program includes a variety of options to reach qualified, engaged agrifood and/or pet food industry professionals on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or websites in Google’s Display Network.

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