Suppliers leverage their unique, relevant and engaging content by partnering with WATT Global Media to create custom solutions tailored to educate, inspire and build customer loyalty among a clearly defined audience.


Obtain professional opinions, data and valuable insights you need with customized research solutions. We provide access to highly engaged audiences in the global animal agribusiness and pet food industries.

Signet AdBrand™ Study

Test your creative messages and build on the results. This study provides valuable reader feedback and analysis on reader perceptions and recollections of the ad. Find out if your ad gets noticed, read and acted upon.

Audience Intelligence Marketing

Overcome sales challenges and get a better return for your marketing investments with the help of WATT Global Media’s one-of-a-kind customer database tool, Audience Intelligence Marketing (AIM).

Purchase Data Sets

Grow your success in the agrifood and pet food industries with exclusive products and downloadable information available only from WATT Global Media, including a variety of Top Companies data spreadsheets and reports.