Topics & Speakers preview:

Keynote Speaker:
Pursuing a sustainable food chain: Closing the consumer perception-reality gap – Bill Lovette, president and CEO, Pilgrim’s Pride
As chicken producers and marketers, we face increasingly complex and often conflicting food issues and demands of customers and consumers. In today’s world, consumers armed with data and technology hold the power when it comes to how, what, when, and where they consume products, services and content. As such, as a company and industry, it’s vital that we address these head-on and move beyond the crossroads we find ourselves at. We must bridge the gap between consumers and customers, connecting them not only to their food but also to the channels and supply chain that serve them.

Panel Discussion: Broiler welfare, the conversation you need to have
With U.S. restaurant chains and foodservice distributors making pledges to purchase chicken in the future that complies with Global Animal Partnership welfare standards, it is time to have a conversation about broiler welfare. The Global Animal Partnership standards include possible breed changes, reduced stocking densities and controlled atmosphere stunning. A panel of experts with experience in dealing with activists, buyers and consumers will discuss the issues and the types of conversations that poultry marketers need to be having with both consumers and poultry buyers.
Panelists include:
Eric Christianson, Senior Vice President/General Manager of Marketing, Perdue Foods
Sara Lilygren, formerly VP corporate affairs, Tyson Foods
Jack Hubbard, VP marketing, American Humane Association
Jerome Lyman, formerly VP global quality systems, McDonald’s
Anne-Marie Neeteson, VP of Welfare and Compliance, Aviagen

Panel Discussion: The annual Retail/Foodservice Poultry Buyer Panel
Poultry leaders will engage with attendees and provide them with a unique opportunity to ask their own questions and receive expert answers tailored specifically to them and their distinct business model.
Panelists include:
David Rothmeier, Manager, Supply chain sourcing, Chick-fil-A
Rod Antolock, President, Harris Teeter
Barry Barnett, Senior VP Global Supply Chain and Purchasing, Church’s Chicken
Leah McGrath, R.D., Ingles
Stuart Blankenhorn, supply chain strategist, Blue Apron

What’s driving retail consumers’ shopping and eating patterns – Chris DuBois, Senior VP and Principal, IRI
Lifestyle plays a critical role and is redefining health care for many people, and fresh foods are benefiting. Additionally, consumers are demanding more knowledge about how food is made or grown as self-care extends more broadly into the world. Key claims such as organic and antibiotic-free have led growth and gained critical mass in chicken sales, especially with millennials and other leading consumer segments.

How to help millennial consumers change their mind – Richard Kottmeyer, VP Agriculture and Food, Luxoft
We have all heard that “Millennials care where their food comes from,” but does that mean that their opinions can’t be shaped or changed? Through studying how the typical millennial consumer gets their information from various media outlets, which for this generation are primarily online, Kottmeyer has figured out how millennials change their mind on a topic. He will demonstrate this process for getting a millennial to change their mind by sharing a campaign based on a topic that will be selected in advance by WATT Global Media’s audience.

Annual Consumer Chicken Consumption Survey Highlights – Joyce Neth, Director Audience Development, WATT Global Media with research partner ORC International
Joyce will present results from the 2017 Consumer Chicken Consumption Survey, and reveal answers to new questions about the most pressing consumer topics that have implications for retail, institutional and foodservice.

Increasing foodservice market share for chicken in a competitive environment – Bonnie Riggs, Restaurant industry analyst, The NPD Group
Bonnie will discuss how to grow market share in the highly competitive foodservice market. Restaurant operators have had to raise menu prices to offset increased costs for wages and insurance. Increasing the quantity of chicken on the menu may be one solution for helping restaurant operators achieve higher profit margins and grow their bottom line. Market poultry products that have higher profit margins that can help restaurant operators grow their bottom line. Riggs will provide insight on the current state of the restaurant industry, the impact of menu price on performance, how to evaluate your menu, and how to increase restaurant visits.

Cost implications from consumer demands on broiler welfare – Mathew Salois, Director of global scientific affairs and policy, Elanco,
Mathew has analyzed the cost implications of the new demands that chicken buyers/consumers are making on how broilers are raised. These changes, whether in space allotments per live pound in the broiler house, never ever antibiotics at any time in the bird’s life, or even slower growing breeds, all have cost implications for broiler producers. Salois will present his analysis of the economic impacts of these changes.

3 key areas impacting broiler company bottom lines – David Williams, VP Client advisory and development, Informa,
David will discuss three key areas that will impact U.S. broiler companies’ bottom line over the coming year. He will analyze what it would mean to broiler producers if the Trump administration increases export tariffs at the Mexican border. The impact of the expansion of the wing market in food service will be explored, what are possible downsides to this. In the retail market, Williams will discuss competing meats and whether or not chicken is well positioned for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018.

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