Chicken Marketing Summit 2021 speakers

Additional speakers and agenda details will be announced soon

Chris DuBois  joined IRI in 2011 and is the senior vice president and principal who leads sales and marketing efforts for its services that serve fresh food retailers and processors. He also leads IRI relationships with some of IRI’s largest fresh food clients as well as its relationships with industry associations. IRI is a provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help retailers and media companies to grow their businesses. With the largest repository of purchase, media, social, causal and loyalty data, all integrated on an on-demand cloud-based technology platform, IRI helps to guide its clients around the world in their quests to capture market share, connect with consumers and deliver market-leading growth.

Presentation: Chicken Consumption Survey and Consumer Trends

Presentation details coming soon.

Kelley Bailie Fechner is the director, customer solutions, for Datassential. Fechner has worked in the food industry for over 20 years, joining Datassential in early 2017. Her responsibilities include growing existing client relationships and building new client relationships. Fechner’s role at Datassential gives her access to the best data to understand food and restaurant trends and help clients use safe experimentation to continually grow their business. Prior to Datassential, Fechner spent 18 years at the NPD Group working in client development and product management. She also spent three years starting up the NPD office in Australia and managing the APAC Foodservice business. Fechner earned her MBA from Loyola University Chicago.

Presentation: Winning strategies for foodservice post pandemic

COVID-19 created huge opportunities for foodservice operations focused on carry out and home delivery. Chicken sandwiches and wings grew in popularity and “ghost kitchens” popped up around the country. Coming out of the pandemic, what will the foodservice recovery look like? Kelley Fechner will explore these developments and suggest ways chicken can fuel the foodservice recovery.


Meagan Nelson is the associate director of the Fresh Growth & Strategy Team at NielsenIQ. Nelson started her work at Nielsen in 2010 focused specifically on the unique challenges fresh brings to the retail industry. Nelson’s passion for fresh started at a very young age on her family’s small farm in Southern Illinois, which included raising hogs, cattle, chickens, even goats and rabbits. She received her undergraduate degree in agriculture business, and after some time with Aldi as a district manager, Nelson returned to the University of Illinois to get her master’s degree in business administration with a focus in marketing.

Presentation: Navigating the post-pandemic world

Home was the place to be because of COVID-19, and this led to record retail food sales. As things begin to start returning to normal, what habits/trends will stay from lockdown, which will be quickly abandoned? What strategies are retailers using to maintain this new market share and how can chicken producers help their retail partners conquer the coming challenges? Meagan Nelson investigates how changes for the consumer in how they eat, where they eat and how they get their food have impacted retail and what to expect going forward post pandemic.

Joyce Neth is vice president, director of audience development and research, for WATT Global Media. She is responsible for creating insights for strategic decisions, audience marketing, product marketing and proprietary research using knowledge from WATT’s database of audience behavior and demographics. Prior to joining WATT in 2006, Neth held senior research positions at two major-market newspaper companies. She started her career as a marketing engineer for Westinghouse Electric Corporation.
Neth is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania, and earned a master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Presentation: Chicken Consumption Survey and Consumer Trends

Presentation details coming soon.

Kevin Ryan is the CEO at Malachite Strategy and Research. With almost 20 years of experience leading innovation and strategy at General Mills and Amazon, Ryan has a diverse perspective on the modern retail industry. He also has extensive knowledge of food and the food industry as well as deep culinary skills from working and consulting with restaurants and bakeries for more than a decade. Ryan has advanced graduate training in food science and food chemistry with plant and pilot plant expertise for food product formulation. His approach to CPG is uniquely comprehensive.

Presentation: The future of food: Keeping chicken on the center of the plate

Many changes that were taking place throughout the food supply chain have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Kevin Ryan will discuss the societal and consumer trends that will shape the future of food and how chicken companies can adapt products and messaging to meet the desires and needs of the consumers of tomorrow.

Will Sawyer is lead animal protein economist in CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange research division, where his focus is on providing market and industry research for the pork, poultry and beef sectors. He has researched the food and agriculture industries for more than a decade. Before joining CoBank in 2018, he was executive director of animal protein research at Rabobank, analyzing the pork and poultry sectors across North America. There he authored works on several issues facing the U.S. and global animal protein industry including disease, trade, profitability and changing consumer trends. Prior to Rabobank, Sawyer was an associate analyst at Credit Suisse where he covered publicly traded U.S. consumer food, animal protein and agribusiness companies. Sawyer holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in accountancy from Wake Forest University.

Presentation: Animal protein demand coming out of the pandemics

COVID-19 and African Swine Fever have combined to massively disrupt supply chains for animal protein around the world. Will Sawyer will evaluate the status of the world’s recovery from these pandemics and how this will impact demand for chicken in the U.S. and around the globe.

Jim Sumner has served as president of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) for the last 28 years. He is also president of the International Poultry Council, which he helped organize in 2005. Sumner has been appointed by the past six Secretaries of Agriculture and U.S. Trade Representatives to serve on the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee, currently serving under U. S. Trade Representative Froman and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack. These committees provide industry input for various international trade issues and WTO negotiations. Sumner is also president of the World Poultry Foundation, a global charitable organization aimed at improving lives globally through increasing poultry production and consumption in developing countries.
Prior to joining the USAPEEC staff, Sumner served as director of marketing for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and worked for dairy cooperatives headquartered in both Philadelphia and Louisville, Kentucky. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University.

Presentation: Trade outlook: ASF and COVID-19 and future chicken trade

African Swine Fever decimated swine production in China and other Asian countries and created unprecedented demand for meat. How will chicken trade fare as Asian swine herds recover? Jim Sumner will discuss the export prospects for the U.S. as the industry and the country emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and the global poultry industry adjusts to higher feed costs.