Randi Zuckerberg


CEO and Founder


Zuckerberg Media

Zuckerberg Media is a boutique marketing firm and production company. Prior to founding her own company, Zuckerberg worked at Facebook, where she created and ran the social media pioneer’s marketing programs from 2005-2011. She is the author of two books, including Dot Complicated, a New York Times bestseller about our (sometimes overly) wired lives. The book inspired a weekly business radio show, “Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg” on SiriusXM, and Dot, a children’s picture book and an animated children’s TV show debuting on NBC Sprout. In 2011, Zuckerberg was nominated for an Emmy Award for her innovative blend of online/TV coverage of the US elections, and in 2012, she executive produced a docuseries on Bravo about Silicon Valley’s startup culture. Currently she stars in “Quit Your Day Job” on NBC’s Oxygen, where she mentors and invests in entrepreneurs. She also regularly appears on the “Today Show.” A lifelong theater lover, Zuckerberg starred in “Rock of Ages” on Broadway in 2014 and serves on the American Theatre Wing’s tech advisory committee.